Things I've Done
Saints Row (2022)
Build your own criminal empire and challenge the entrenched powers that control the wild and weird city of Santo Ileso.

I designed and scripted eight critical path missions from ideation to final.

"Saints Row manages to retain what players loved while feeling fresh and new." - GamingNexus

Agents of Mayhem
In this third-person open-world action game, the player leads the titular Agents of Mayhem: a gang of super agents tasked with stopping the nefarious terrorist organization known as LEGION from global domination.

I was responsible for iterating on the design of five of the 12 initial playable agents in the game and scripted several side missions. Later, I designed and implemented two of the playable DLC agents from the ground up (Gat and Safeword).

"It’s something special. Like Uranus." - Kotaku

Martian Mixer
Martian Mixer is a puzzle game about mixing up colorful little aliens to help them mingle at out-of-this-world parties. It plays like the opposite of a Match 3 game and has a subtle, pro-diversity message.

This is a passion project I am developing in Unity with the goal of making a game-for-change game where the message is conveyed through the mechanics and not just the story. I plan to release on iOS and Android in early 2020.

A Spooky Night In
A Spooky Night In is an asymmetric multiplayer game that pits hunters against ghosts in a 2D dollhouse style mansion during a cocktail party. Ghosts must discreetly possess and kill party guests using the environment, while hunters must find and kill the ghosts while minimizing the killing of the party guests.

This was a student project made in Unity and completed in 7 weeks. I did the game design, art, and about half of the programming. At the public showcase for the class, the game was voted 3rd out of 24 games by the audience.

Wayward Souls
Wayward Souls is a top-down shooter that tasks the player with surviving the night in the midst of possessed statues that move towards the player when they aren't watching. Armed with a shotgun with limited ammo, the player must make high-stakes decisions as to which statues are possessed and which are not.

I developed this game in one week in an exercise of rapid prototyping.

Jake's Nightmare
Jake's Nightmare is a 2D cooperative platformer that pairs portal gameplay with an escort mission. Players control Jake's door guardians and must work together to teleport him through a dangerous forest and guide him back to bed.

I was the designer and programmer for this game-jam game that won our team 2nd place of 12 teams.